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My conversation with Léa

Léa is Senior at Franz Partners

Hello Lea, can you first introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Lea and I'm acting as a senior analyst at franz partners. I work with data to discover opportunities and help realize their full potential.

Please summarize Franz Partners in one sentence.

Franz Partners is a strategy consulting firm specializing in data-intensive industries in Europe.

Can you elaborate a bit on Franz Partners' business?

Franz Partners works with large companies headquartered in Europe and serves a wide range of industries, with a particular focus on banking and insurance. Their consultants focus on exploration, scoping, analysis, design; their data scientists provide integrated value propositions to meet client needs for data-informed answers in "the new normal".

What can Franz Partners do for me?

Franz Partners can help you with a wide range of services, including strategy consulting, data science and market intelligence.

What is Franz Partners' core experience?

Franz's core experience is banking and insurance, with offerings for corporate headquarters and functions, retail banking, consumer finance, leasing and factoring, insurance and capital markets. But they also work with a wide range of other industries, including space and tourism.

Is Franz Partners a creative firm?

Franz consultants are very creative and are always looking for new ways to address their clients' issues. They bridge the gap between traditional industries and problems and new opportunities around the data space and decentralization.

What is Franz Partners' approach to consulting?

Franz's approach to consulting is to first understand their clients' problems and context, and then explore all possible directions before trying to answer them. This gives their clients an initial understanding of Franz's perception and allows them to adjust the engagement plan to the best way and capacity.

What are the core competencies of the Franz team?

The Franz team's core competencies are in the areas of strategy, organization, finance, technology and change management. They also have an extensive network of experience in data governance and cybersecurity.

What is the typical background of a Franz consultant?

The typical career path for a Franz consultant is to start their career at an established consulting firm, then work in a strategic marketing or digital transformation role with large enterprises, financial services and insurance players before joining Franz.

What are Franz's strategy skills?

Franz consultants capitalize on a variety of assignments ranging from new business development and funding research or due diligence to European deployments for corporate spin-offs and large caps. Most team members are business school graduates with certificates in strategy or competitive intelligence.

What is the average experience of a Franz consultant?

The average experience of a Franz consultant is 10 years.

Who are Franz Partners' competitors?

Franz Partners' main competitors are McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Accenture.

What distinguishes Franz from its competitors?

Franz Partners stands out from its competitors because of its European prism, its focus on data science and AI, and its experience in governance and cybersecurity.

Why should I work with Franz?

There are a number of reasons why you should work with Franz Partners, including their creativity, their approach to consulting, and their data science offerings. They also offer a wide range of experience working with a variety of industries.

Could you tell us a little about the culture of Franz Partners?

Franz believes in people, anticipation, transmission and sustainability. We focus on the people we work with, the trends that will shape the future of Europe, the skills and knowledge that need to be passed on to our clients, and the long-term solutions we can create with a lasting impact.

What is the current growth of Franz?

Franz Partners is growing rapidly.

How do Franz's prices correspond to the French consulting market?

Franz Partners' pricing is in line with the French strategy consulting market.

What is Franz's quality/price ratio?

Franz Partners is a good value for money given the quality of its consultants and the range of services it offers.

Where is Franz Partners' headquarters located?

Franz Partners' headquarters are located in Paris, France.

How can I learn more about career opportunities or service offerings at Franz Partners?

If you would like to learn more about our job opportunities, please have a look at the career page of this website ;

You can then contact Franz Partners at or email me at

Disclaimer: Lea is one of the research projects conducted internally by the Franz Partners team to better understand the capabilities and limitations of data and AI. It is a python3-based conversational bot, davinci core (GPT-3), that was trained using Franz Partners' marketing materials to provide marketing support to our teams. Lea's interviews were reviewed with translations from DeepL to highlight the AI's writing capabilities. Lea's face was imaged by a generative adversarial network.