FaZ' is Franz's start-up agency.

We create and accelerate startups in promising markets with selected entrepreneurs or spin-off teams from large companies.

FaZ' is a contraction of Franz Partners, which stands for "Phase-Zero" to emphasize our ability to start from scratch, coach teams, and design operational companies from a simple evaluated market opportunity.

FaZ' is part of Franz's mission and social responsibility.

What we offer.

FaZ' provides startups and corporate spin-offs with strategic sourcing, structuring and organization services, as well as market access advice, to ensure the company's growth between fundraising campaigns. FaZ' relies on Franz's teams, networks and strategic partnerships to accelerate innovation, structuring and impact. FaZ' benefits from Franz Partners' networks in the data governance and cybersecurity domains.

Leadership Gathering

We bring together talents to lead the next-generation startups.

NewCo Structuring

We structure selected initiatives
and organize startups for growth.

Accelerating Go-to-Market

We analyze your market and provide hacking levers to accelerate sales.

Who is this for ?

Our stories.

Our consultants are already supporting several data-driven market initiatives in the finance, tourism, space or cybersecurity sectors.

Beyond Builders

"Measure only what matters, Value all your Impacts"
Sustainable Finance Assesment SaaS solutions for PE funds.


Travel-Connnect for Tourism Data-Space
with EONA-X & Digital New Deal


Independant European Cybersecurity Rating
for Investors, Corporates (Procurement, Cyber) and Insurers

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